On Friday, March 25, 2016, a collective group of Black Student Affairs Professionals (BLKSAP) took over the Student Affair Professionals Facebook page by sharing articles, videos, and personal stories addressing the experiences of Black higher education professionals. These articles, videos, and personal stories addressed issues of racism, privilege, and microaggressions within the system of higher education. The members of the (BLKSAP) Facebook group not only wanted to talk about the microaggressions, macroaggressions, and missteps perpetrated by many of their colleagues from across the country, but they wanted to ensure their voices and concerns of Black Student Affair Professionals (BLKSAP) were heard and that their experiences would not be erased or dismissed by fear, guilt, or fragility of their peers. To preserve this special moment and build on the positive momentum of this amazing event, the creators and members of (BLKSAP) co-authored a book relating to some of the major issues discussed from this online event to raise awareness, educate, empower, and inspire other student affair professionals of color who face these similar challenges. Through a variety of real-life stories from various black student affair professionals who have witnessed some of these experiences on various campuses all across the country, the writers share their personal stories in hopes of raising awareness and providing the inspiration needed for others who face similar challenges to overcome some of these real challenges faced by many student affair professionals of color everyday.


Through an evaluation of all the posts, articles, and comments that were mentioned during #BLACKOUT experience in March of 2016, the leadership team behind this project along with several others members of the Black Student Affair Professionals (BLKSAP) community chose six specific topics to focus upon within this book for professionals within higher education. The selected chapters are as follows

Chapter 1
Authenticity Challenges within the Workplace for African American Student Affairs Professionals
When You Are Needed, But Not Wanted!

Author - Patricia Tita Feraud-King

Showing Up: Owning the Everyday Struggle of Authenticity at PWIs-

Authors - Jazzmine Brooks & Lyndsey Williams Mayweather

Chapter 2
Cultural Competence Challenges of African American Student Affairs Professionals
How to Keep Students of Color on the "Inside": Cultural Competency for Student Affairs Professionals in the Aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Author - Marcelius Braxton

The Struggle is Real: Becoming a More Informed, Inclusive, and Intersectional Advisor of Black Greek-Letter Organizations

Author - Tish Norman

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Racial Battle Fatigue Challenges for African American Student Affairs Professionals
Fubu: The Necessity of Organic Safe Spaces for Black Women Higher Education Administrators, Created For Us, By Us.

Author - Allison Smith, Ph.D

Interrupting The Narrative: Racial Battle Fatigue

Tracy N. Stokes, M.Ed & Joshua Fredenburg Ed.D

Chapter 4
Intersectionality Challenges for African American Student Affairs Professionals
Developing Expertise Beyond Our Professional Roles: Discussing Race & Privilege Within Higher Education.

Author - Prentiss A. Dantzler, Ph.D.

Gay & Queer Black Men in Student Affairs.

Author - Khristian Kemp-Delisser, Ed.D

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Institutionalized Racism Challenges for African American Student Affairs Professionals
Personal Storytelling: A Tool to Counter Institutional Racism

Authors- Anthony Walker, Ed.D., Patience D. Bryant, Ph.D., and Zachary Shirley, Ed.D.

Merging Reality and Perception.

Author - LaToya Rene Robertson

Chapter 6
Microaggressions, Macroaggressions, Stereotypes,and Biases Challenges for African American Student Affairs Professionals
For Brothers: Develpmental Struggles of Black Male Graduate Students

Authors - Donald Gilliam, Michael J. Seaberry, Brandon Jamaal Stroud, & Michael R. Williams.

Chapter 6


Each of authors that are featured below not only shared their story with hopes of raising awareness and providing viable solutions to the challenges that many blacks face within higher education, but more importantly, they wanted to help those who need some source of inspiration and insight to navigate these real challenges faced by professionals of color within higher education.



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