Dr. Anthony Walker currently serves as the Assistant Director of Academic Initiatives at Tarrant County College where he serves on the leadership team for the College’s Guided Pathways model planning and coordinates the day-to-day responsibilities for the Carl D. Perkins Basic Grant project. For more than a decade, Anthony has focused on integrating principles of inclusiveness in action and identity development into his career as a scholar-practitioner. Having had the opportunity to serve in entry, mid-level, and executive leadership roles, Dr. Walker has a diverse set of experiences in educational practice. However, amid the diversity in settings and positions, using education to promote values of social justice, equity- mindedness, and inquiry have remained central tenets of his work. His research interests include topics such as: intersections of difference, identity development, systems of privilege, and curriculum development.
Originally from Maysville, Kentucky, Anthony earned his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Northern Kentucky University, his Master of Education in Educational Counseling from Texas Christian University, and his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin State University.