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On Friday, March 25, 2016, a collective group of Black Student Affairs Professionals (BLKSAP) took over the Student Affair Professionals Facebook page by sharing articles, videos, and personal stories addressing the experiences of Black higher education professionals. These articles, videos, and personal stories addressed issues of racism, privilege, and micro aggressions within the system of higher education.
The members of the (BLKSAP) Facebook group not only wanted to talk about the micro aggressions, macro aggressions, and missteps perpetrated by many of their colleagues from across the country, but they wanted to ensure their voices and concerns of Black Student Affair Professionals (BLKSAP) were heard and that their experiences would not be erased or dismissed by fear, guilt, or fragility of their peers.
To preserve this special moment and build on the positive momentum of this amazing event, the creators and members of (BLKSAP) co-authored a book relating to some of the major issues discussed from this online event to raise awareness, educate, empower, and inspire other student affair professionals of color who face these similar challenges.


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